MARGUEBAH is a Psychology Practice, focused on therapeutic care, located in the city of Barcelona. The Practice takes its name after her founder’s MARiana GUEdes BAHia and is born from her passion for people and for words; for the aesthetic and therapeutic effect that is created between them.
The therapeutic work proposed in MARGUEBAH combines the practices of psychotherapy and art therapy. In this way, analytical and creative capacities are developed in an integrated manner.
MARGUEBAH offers its services in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese -mother tongue of its founder- and English.



Psychological Guidance

  • “What kind of professional help (psychological or not) is more appropriate for this given situation?”
  • “How should I respond to a clinical diagnosis, either my own or my family member’s?”
  • “I have to communicate a serious and painful news to a relative / close one”
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The above are examples of questions, doubts that daily life brings us repeatedly. They call for rapid decision-making which, in itself, often has unpredictable consequences. In such context, it is very helpful to consult with a professional who, from a neutral role, contributes to structure and formulate that decision.

MARGUEBAH’s Psychological Guidance service is designed precisely for this type of concise and specific demands. It is proposed with a more psychoeducational character than exploratory and, ultimately, seeks to facilitate the work of assessing the advantages / disadvantages of a decision, contemplate the alternatives of action and establish priorities.

Sometimes, based on the analysis carried out on a specific
situation, the decision is made to start a psychotherapeutic work of a broader scope.

Work Frame

The Psychological Guidance takes the form of specific sessions (from 1 to 3 sessions) with a duration of 50 minutes and a regularity to be agreed.

Psychotherapy / Art therapy

  • “Although everything is going well for me, I notice that I lack illusion in my life”
  • “ I get angry in an exacerbated way because of small things and that disgusts me a lot”
  • “Certain apparently banal situations produce me an inexplicable anxiety”
  • “My relationships do not last and I begin to wonder if it has anything to do with me”
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The above examples represent some common demands that are addressed in the psychotherapeutic activity.

Briefly, we could say that Psychotherapy seeks to turn suffering or restlessness into an opportunity for change and that it starts and takes shape based on the client’s demand for help. The demands, like the listed examples, can be more concrete or diffuse, psychosomatic or asymptomatic, and as difficulties that they represent, they are the starting point of a personal transformation process.

The work of Psychotherapy proposed in MARGUEBAH is based on a fundamental existentialist principle: All the personal difficulties that limit a person’s well-being – physical, psychological or both- question, to some extent, her vision of the world and her own vision of herself. Thus, however mundane the demands are, they often end up translating into moral dilemmas. Topics such as freedom, desire, guilt, spontaneity, love, forgiveness, loss, acceptance are common characters of therapeutic work; the most significant bonds, (the family, the couple) the favorite scenario of those human passions.

The benefits of a humanistic psychotherapy are the self-discovery that the patient reaches and the coherence that is consolidated between what he feels, what he thinks and what he does, which results in his well-being. Through therapeutic work, a series of capacities are constructed to act on reality, transforming it (instead of enduring it or suffering it) and flexibility to deal with complex events. The goal of psychotherapy is the promotion of autonomy of people, so that they can face the challenges that life presents with confidence and vitality without professional help.

In MARGUEBAH a conversational method is combined with Art therapy. To find out what happens, an empathic, exploratory dialogue is proposed in which the most important component is active listening by the therapist. All the dimensions of language, verbal, corporal, contextual, are the object of attention. Throughout the process, the work moves from the concrete to the conceptual and experiential, making use of the power of artistic expression, be it through working with the body, music, painting, writing or dramatization. Another continuous dynamic that allows the use of creativity is what contrasts the literal (what happens?) and the symbolic (what does it mean?). Artistic expression, in itself already communicative and therapeutic, is inserted into the psychotherapeutic process and impregnates it with meaningfulness in a harmonious way, adjusted to the times and needs of each person / couple.

Work Frame:
The psychotherapeutic processes have a very variable duration (between months and years) according to the nature of the demand and the client’s involvement in the therapeutic work. During such processes, periods of pause or spacing of the sessions, initially planned with a weekly periodicity, may occur.
The intervention is structured in an individual, couple or group format, according to the characteristics of the demand. The duration of the sessions is 50 minutes in individual format and 1h30 for couples. Sessions take place on a weekly basis.

Expressive Arts Workshop

A time meant to be dedicated to one self, listening through our body, making sense of our habits, questioning ourselves where do our steps take us, engage with new materials to meet ourselves with… whom? Come and find out!

No experience or technical knowledge is required. 

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Specific Contents:

My kind of parenting– For those with fears and insecurities regarding paternity; with doubts regarding the building process of a family; people who do not agree with their partner about having (more) children; couples overcome by the change of the family system.

Better alone or with somebody?
For you if you repeatedly show problems in your relationships with others in varied contexts such as professional, social, family or others.

Grief does not let me go
For those who have not adapted after a story of painful separation, losses; in an empty nest situation.

With or without you
For people with emotional dependence in relationships; intolerance to loneliness; caregivers with limited personal life for those who care.

Love and all that comes with it
For people without a partner with feelings of emptiness and sadness associated with it; people with difficulty in committing themselves; people with confusion regarding concepts such as love, falling in love, commitment, fidelity, relationship.

Work Approach

Four participants are needed to start a group. Groups have at maximum 10 people.

Informative Talks

The Informative Talks have a formative nature focused on the prevention of risk behaviors and the promotion of wellbeing and mental health. The relevant information is displayed in a dynamic and interactive way with the audience including a practical final space destined to vivid exercises, to clarify doubts or to speak of concrete examples.

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Talks with Parents

The limits of maltreatment in the family: recognize them and act
The balance in the couple: conciliate being a father and being a partner
Communication channels between parents and children
Allow / Forbidden: parental educational styles
Eating Disorders: what does that full plate say?
Brothers who turn their backs: educate in plural

Talks for Teenagers:

Drugs & screens: 5 differences & how many resemblances?
I´m my own boss: Can I say no? Can I say yes?
My body as the planet: enjoy, respect and preserve.
Traffic accidents: what if it happens to me?
All different, all the same: and you, where are you from?

Work Approach

The talks last 1h 30m and a monthly periodicity. The inscriptions to the talks can be done loose or in bulk.



Mariana Guedes Bahia
Porto (Portugal), 1979

Degree in Psychology – Clinical area – from the Universidade do Minho, Portugal (2002).
After the first contacts with the professional practice in the hospital field (S. João Hospital – Porto), I moved to Barcelona to continue my theoretical and practical training.

For three years I combined the realization of the Master in Cognitive-Social Therapy (UB) with the collaboration with various public and private entities (Septimània Association, CAP of El Prat de Llobregat, Servei Mancomunat d’Atenciò i Seguiment de Drogodependències Fontsanta, CAP Manso and Centro Labor-Nepp) practicing as a therapist and / or co-therapist, individual and / or group, trainer and lecturer among patients with different problems such as eating disorders, alcohol dependence, anxiety and depression problems. In this period my theoretical and practical background will be marked by constructivist and existential psychotherapy, in which I will continue to form continuously.

Opening of the MARGUEBAH Psychotherapy cabinet in September 2005, before concluding the Master in Cognitive-Social Therapy with an “Excellent” rating (March 2006).

From 2006 to 2010 I created and directed a private psychology consultation in a public infra-structure, the Can Bou Primary Care Center, in Castelldefels, serving young people and adults in an individual, couple and group format, building a bridge between the private and the public fields.
I received distance training as Family and Intergenerational Mediator in 2007, through IS Social Intervention and Family and Couple Association, in Seville.
In 2008 I started a business career complementary to the clinic, developing in the field of business strategy and marketing, in conjunction with the activity in the MARGUEBAH Psychology Practice.

I consolidated my experience in couples therapy through the Post-Graduate in Couple Therapy, (Universitat de Girona & Institut d’Estudis de la Sexualitat i la Parella), between 2009 and 2010.
In 2011 I studied at the ESADE business school, carrying out an international program of managerial development. Within the framework of this training, I conducted the Leadership Assessment and Development (LEAD) program, organized by Richard Boyatzis and Daniel Goleman, creators of the concept of Emotional Intelligence.
Between 2009 and 2015 I added and integrated to the previous my maternity experiences with my daughters Alicia, Inés and Clara.

In 2017, I started a Master’s Degree in Transdisciplinary Art Therapy and Human Development, by the Institute of Transdisciplinary Art Therapy of Barcelona (IATBA) and recognized by the European Graduate School, being part of its 17th class.
All through my professional career I have been integrated in a clinical case Supervision group, as a support to clinical practice.



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